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GROWERS are too tight to pay for wholesale fruit and vegetable market prices.

That's the suggestion by the sole fresh produce markets information service in response to calls for real-time markets sales information.

Queensland horticulture advocacy group Growcom called for the establishment of real-time price information for fruit and vegetables traded in wholesale markets within its submission to the Federal Government's review of the Horticulture Code of Conduct.

The central markets representative body Fresh Markets Australia labeled the call "commercially naïve and mischievous".

Now, the owner behind the price information service has called Growcom's suggestion as irresponsible and unrealistic.

Brisbane-based Market Information Services (MIS) provides information on the sale of produce at the four major fresh produce wholesale markets throughout the country.

Business principal Jon Brewer said the sales data is entered as soon as possible each trading day and the information is collated, checked, verified and distributed throughout Australia well before midday.

Mr Brewer said that, from his experience, some growers, industry organisations and other industry participants just did not want to pay for the daily service.

Mr Brewer said it was not a matter of the quality and accuracy of sales price data, nor the access or timeliness, but an aversion to paying for the service that has been and remains the predominant issue.

A weekly e-mail summary report for all fruit and vegetable crops at the Brisbane Markets costs $15.40. A single crop report costs $8.80.

A detailed e-mail report costs $22 with a single crop report costing $11.

Monthly summaries ($22) and monthly detailed reports ($33) are available as well. Prices from Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide can also be included for extra costs.

Subscribers can also choose from just getting the fruit or the vegetable report, or a selection of six to 10 crops or two to five crops, which they then nominate.

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